Ashley Nash In Fruits Of Passion Playboy Plus (13)

Newcomer, Ashley Nash takes to nature for a small solo picnic. On location in Los Angeles, California, with the photographer, Sophia Sinclair, Ashley enjoys a beautiful day outdoors. “My experience has been amazing,” she reflects. “During our shoot, we had an entirely female crew, which was just about the coolest experience ever, and initially so surprising. But, that’s the really great thing about Playboy — it celebrates women and their sexuality. It doesn’t degrade them.” A model, voice-over artist, and actress, Ashley is usually working and loves her dynamic lifestyle. “I am naturally drawn to anything creative or art-centered,” she says. “I get bored very easily, so for me, all the [work I do] really hits home. It’s ever-changing, terrifying, and exciting getting to constantly play new people [or] have a different look — I love it!” Learn more about Ashley in her upcoming pictorials, right here, on Playboy Plus.

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