Caro (9)

Caro (21) the prospective carpenter has found her dream job. In this male environment she can let her creativity loose in every sense.

Can You Compete With Crazy Caro?

When she goes on vacation, she needs to be surrounded by nature. That’s when she can really relax. And the fresh air gives the cute Caro the best ideas… Anyway, this attractive trainee loves to travel. From Egypt to Scotland, she’s seen quite a bit. Next on her list is Scandinavia. Caro knows how to have fun and party no matter where she is.

Influenced by her “old hippie” parents, Caro is into rock and pop from the late 60s. At the same time, she’s classically trained and can play the flute. If she comes up with something in her head, she knows how to get it out. But as things turned out, she found her dream job at a restoration workshop. She’s only ever had to write three job applications in her entire life. So, it looks like Carol has a lot of things going for her. For the time being, we’re mostly interested in seeing what she and her nimble fingers are getting up to!

Interview with Caro

Interview with Caro naked

Interview with Caro naked part 2

Caro in action part 1

Caro in action part 2


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