Chrissi (20)

The Masch lake in Hannover is Chrissy’s favorite hangout spot. Here she tells us exciting things about herself… And we want to know everything!
We Already Know, What You’re Going To Dream Tonight…

The 20-year-old student Chrissi studies fashion design and even sews some of her own clothes. The pretty girl from Hannover particularly enjoys experimenting with silk. Simply because the fabric feels so good on her skin… Her dream is to start her own fashion label one day. Who knows, maybe she will soon be at home in one of the world’s fashion metropolises London, Milan or Rome?For now, Chrissy is passionate about city tours. But she enjoys the Mediterranean under the hot sun just as much!

She most enjoys going out with her friends or going on extensive shopping sprees. Just what all young girls do – and then a bit more…

Interview with Chrissi part 1

Interview with Chrissi part 2

Chrissi in action part 1

Chrissi in action part 2


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