Foxy (20)

Foxy is sweet 22, she was married and is a happy single again since four weeks. Despite the breakup she enjoys life in all measures. Today she tells us how she sweetens up her life…

Foxy – Pretty Like A Kinky Pixie

This beauty from Cologne can already look back at quite a turbulent life. Having previously worked as a carnie, she has already travelled through half of Europe. But as much as she enjoys looking back at the past, she also has a positive outlook for her future. Foxy enjoys standing in the limelight.

In order to really shine at her favorite hobby, burlesque dancing, she even tailors her own costumes. Not only does that demonstrate her fair share of light-fingeredness, but also just how passionate she is about it. With such dedication, it’s no big surprise that the long-haired dancer doesn’t enjoy leaving for vacation. Why should she, when her apartment is already the perfect spot to relax and get comfortable…?

Interview with Foxy part 1

Interview with Foxy part 2

Interview with Foxy part 3

Foxy in action


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