Silena (9)

Silena knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She willingly reveals to us her wishes and dreams…
We Love Silenas Sexy Back

A little snappy and a little flippant – pretty Silena with her soft brown eyes really leaves behind a lasting impression. It’s just too bad she will soon be leaving for Switzerland for four months…

The 25-year-old beauty with her long, dark brown hair is extremely outgoing and open-minded. What a good thing that her hometown Berlin has so much to offer. But Silena has other plans. Because if it were up to her, she would love to emigrate to the South so she could enjoy the sun. Who knows, maybe it will work out one day – if her boyfriend is willing to play along? But what does the man of her dreams even look like? According to her, it doesn’t need to be a guy with a six-pack, j nor a dark-haired beau. What’s far more important than all that are the big boys with their bright eyes who have completely taken her in…

We ourselves are sure that with her breath-taking gaze, it should be easy for her to get anything she sets her mind to.

Interview with Silena part 1

Interview with Silena part 2

Interview with Silena part 3

Silena in action


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