Steffi 5

Steffi (26) is a real looker. Even though she is – as she says about herself – not too big into sports, she has an unbelievably seducing body. Convince yourselves here…
Steffi Reveals Her Intimate Secrets

Steffi’s ambitious career plans of becoming a hotel director don’t necessarily leave her a lot of time to pursue her hobbies. During her traineeship, activities like horseback riding and going to the movies usually have to take the back seat. Good thing there are Sundays, when she can laze around to her heart’s content.

And her friends also gladly distract her from her stressful everyday life. Especially when it comes to “the world’s favorite pastime”, Steffi easily gets very passionate. She likes it best when everything happens in a relaxed way, without tension. “You need to try everything at least once“, Steffi says. What she means by that exactly, she tells us a little while later. That’s why she invited us to her home, which she has decorated to be both modern and comfortable at the same time. This setting creates the best atmosphere to chat with the cute student about all the interesting things in her exiting life …

Interview with Steffi

Steffi in action


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