The southern temper of the Italians runs almost like a red line through our blond angel Valerie’s life. When showing us what she likes most about her self there is no trace of shyness.

Are You Fond Of Cream Plays? Valerie is…

Valerie is studying multilingual communication and the Cologne technical college. English, French and Italian are the languages that play the most important role for her. During her free time, she can relax best when she is out with her friends. Whenever the sweet student laughs, her gorgeous eyes just shine with the joy of living.

And by and by, her shyness passes as she tells us more about herself while we stroll through the park. We’re excited to learn which other secrets she will share with us. It is certainly charming to see pretty Valerie sitting in front of the camera with her initially shy expression. Either way, we can only hope that the sweet 26-year-old isn’t swept away to “Bella Italia” after her language studies. What a loss that would be…

Interview with Valerie

Valerie in action


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