Exploited College Girls Brookie Blair

“Can I take your order sir?” is what 22 year-old Brookie Blair would say if you lived on the West Coast while ordering your morning cup of Joe from this cutie’s coffee barista. I know what my order would be to this sweet assed honey. I’m in a rush dear so I can’t chat much today so quickly hike your dress up and give me your legs spread extra wide. Go light on the pussy licking but go really heavy on the deep throat. Leave the hair on the pussy but play with it till it’s doubly wet and extra extra creamy. Can you also tell me about yourself while you’re making it extra extra creamy? I like to know a little something about the girls who cream my cups of Joe…

Make sure there’s plenty of choking while pounding your holes. Can you also stimulate the clit while you cum at least 3 times today and also, this is important, can you make yourself squirt for the very first time ever? I like my pumps or squirtings long, intense and very messy also. Oh and the most important part. Make sure you finish it off with a creamy load, no make that a double load of your creamy pie back to back so it oozes out and drips down the lips of my coffee cup… hot latte please. Can you repeat my order miss so I know how you’re going to make my hot latte? Yes sir! I’m going to give you my legs spread extra wide while I keep my dress on, going light on the pussy licking but I’ll include heavy deep throat. I’m going to leave the hair on my pussy so you can play with it till it’s doubly wet and extra creamy, all the while I tell you a little bit about my submissive self. I’ll make sure to allow and include lots of choking and pounding of my holes really, really roughly and I’ll make sure to arch my ass up in the air to make it easier to stimulate my clit till I cum and squirt for the very first time making it very messy so I’ll have a clean up later on isle bed. Oh and I haven’t forgot the most important part of your order sir. I’ll make sure I’m finished off with a double load of creamy pie so it oozes out and drips down the lips of my coffee cup. I’ll even wipe up the mess with my fingers and lick it clean because I love the taste of cream dripping down the hot lips of my cup. Did I get your order correct sir?” Fuck yes you did honey so enjoy Brookie everyone. Steve

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