Exploited College Girls Daisy Hernandez

Say hello to 21 year old Daisy Hernandez and this hot tom-boy’s in for one hell of a good time today for her first sex on camera. There’s also quite the list of firsts attached to this one but I’ll get to that soon enough. So yes since Jake’s passing, God rest his sole, we have been auditioning a few cocksman and today is Will’s turn to tryout and Pound-Her pussy. You know you don’t realize just how important the man attached to the cock is that’s fucking these girls until the time cums when you go to your “go-to” burger joint like In-N-Out and a double double animal style just doesn’t taste the same anymore…

Well no one will replace Jake but we’re filling our stables with a few seasoned and more than capable studs and things I think are starting to taste a little more like an In-N-Out burger again. So everyone’s feedback is welcome and appreciated on who’s your favorite Fuck-her man. Ok now that that’s out of the way we can focus our one-eyed monster at Daisy and this girl like I said is super sexual but hasn’t taken the plunge on most of her deepest and darkest desires. Two of which are to lick another girl’s pussy and to have a threesome, both of which she reluctantly states she hasn’t pulled the triggers on yet. Even though! Yes there’s an even though, she’s been asked to ménage-a-tio a few times and confesses girls hit on her all the time. What are you waiting for girl? Don’t you know good things DO NOT Cum to those who wait for them. On the contrary, good things cum to those who work fucking hard and fucking deserve it. Well they also cum to those who accept offers to have threesomes and who are willing to partake in the pleasure of the female flesh when said opportunities are spread wide before them. Just saying, but we here at ExCoGi are all about making dreams cum true and the list of firsts for Daisy’s starts today with her first ever filming of herself having sex. Yea it’s hard to believe this in today’s “eveyone’s phone has a camera” world we live in, but it’s true. It’s also this girl’s first facial along with her first sex in front of anyone else ever. Lets see it’s also her first time using any type of sex toys or being penetrated for that matter by something other than her fingers or a real cock attached to a real person. It’s also her first Sybian… duh, and it’s her longest sex ever accompanied by a health dose of the most orgasms she’s ever had in one fuck session. You’re more than welcome honey and yes we also ambushed her for a huge BBC, which was also her first ever sex with a black man. Keep you’re eyes peeled for that one cum N soon. So enjoy Daisy everyone, Steve.

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