Exploited College Girls Josie

“Hey why don’t you come up to my shop and I can fix your phone for you.” Classic creepy guy pick up line by some older dude on tinder of today’s ExCoGi hottie on the bed Josie. Who, in all fairness to her, was 18 at the time she claims and here’s what makes this guy a baller; and Josie continues: “So I went up there and he was like, hey! Take a look at this sex slave contract and do you want to do this with me? And I was like sure!!! Baller or ballsy? You be the judge because that lucky bastard got to keep little Ms Josie tied up at his house to have sex with whenever he wanted. So Josie continues and explains that per her “contract” he would pay her monthly and he’d take her out on really nice dates, take her on really nice trips, take her shopping to get her hair and nails done and… “Yea, I would basically just let him do whatever he wanted to me… including anal.”

Now I’m not sure if the fine print also included letting his friends fuck her whenever he brought them over after work but that according to Josie was also included. I want to work where this guy works and in what parallel universe does this shit happen, but sign me up if I get to do whatever I want to a young and impressionable 18 year old girl’s orifices and she thinks she has to legally comply to everything. EVERYTHING! This should be illegal, all you dads with daughters who shouldn’t be watching my videos are screaming right now! Well I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, and I’m no lawyer. But I’m pretty sure this type of contract for sex technically isn’t enforceable and lets not ruin all the excitement and fun of Josie’s story with legal mumbo jumbo, potential technicalities and unethical motives shall we and lets continue to listen because I’m dying to hear more of this girl’s story. So blah blah blah blah blah and once again don’t fast forward through the interview or you’ll miss a lot because like Playboy magazine and its articles? I watch ExCoGi videos for the interviews. Ok that’s a lie and no one beats off to an interview Steve but it does give the viewer a back-story of what’s to come and come Josie did a lot of today. Lots of firsts and she even broke her orgasm record having to use her safe word more than a few times. Oh, and her story of a 4-guy gangbang she had when at a high school party is also very note worthy. Shoooooot this girl’s done more before her 19th birthday and as my mother would say. “If you get everything you want when you’re young what do you have to look forward to later in life?” Ummmm… a 10-guy gangbang? Well I know this is a lot to take in and for any of you snowflakes and tree huggers out there but you’ll all be glad to know that no sex toys were broken or orifices harmed during the filming of this scene for what was admittedly the best sex of this girl’s life. So if this little write-up hasn’t sparked your curiosity and interest to see what’s purring under Josie’s hood I don’t know what will. So lets all get our perverted eyes a gazing on this girls purring pussycat motor shall we and enjoy.

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