Ersties, Fierce Like Her Undies Wildcat Alice M.

Alice is one of those confident people you immediately want to get to know better. So it’s a good thing she’s so chatty, open and willing to tell us all about herself. Like her exciting hobbies. Modeling? Poledancing?! Awesome! We love her laid-back vibes and her relaxed approach to life, love …and sex! She might have just met someone (lucky guy!), but that doesn’t mean she’s not open to new experiences. For sex has a lot of different meanings to her, depending on who it’s with. So it’s no wonder she’s already enjoyed trying all sorts of wild activities with men, and women, and toys…

Good thing she also enjoys breaking taboos now and then. Otherwise we might have never been able to watch her playing with herself in a car. A moving car at that. And… OH MY GOD her nipples are pierced, how hot is that?! Hopefully that car will never reach its destination… Thanks to her selfie camera we can get in up-close to watch. We love how she flirts with the camera and how sensually she moves.

Her leopard print lingerie is pretty hot too! She says she has a dirty mind and big appetite for sex. Wonder what she is thinking about right now? Whatever it is, it must be good, because it doesn’t take her long to get fired up! And once she comes, she is in quite the puddle of satisfaction.

Interview with Alice

Alice in action pat 1

Alice in action pat 2

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