Girls Way With Kali Roses, Violet Myers & Carolina Cortez In You Need To Loosen Up!

Carolina Cortez and Violet Myers, two friends, arrive for an introductory yoga class. Violet is stressed and stiff, which is why Carolina wants her to give yoga a go to loosen up, even if Violet isn’t too convinced yet.

They are then greeted by Kali Roses, the yoga instructor, who happily invites them inside. As Kali leads them further inside, she can’t help but sneak Violet some lustful looks, clearly taking an immediate interest in her. Kali then reveals that Violet and Carolina are the only ones who showed up for this particular time slot, which means they have her all to themselves!

Kali begins leading them through a basic yoga session to ease Violet into the experience. Carolina is eager while Violet lags behind, which leads to Kali offering more hands-on help for Violet. Once Violet accepts her help, Kali uses her hands to guide Violet through various poses while making her attraction to Violet all the more obvious. Thankfully, Carolina is too into the yoga routine to notice as things start getting hot between Kali and Violet.

But finally, even Carolina notices that the poses that Kali is helping with are just too sexual. She is shocked because of their behavior and even more so when Kali invites Carolina to join them. Once Violet sheepishly admits that Carolina DID tell her she needed to loosen up, Carolina is amused and gives in.

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