Japan Hdv With Rei Kitajima In Rei Kitajima Fucks Her Husbands Boss To Help Him Keep His Job

To be a housewife to an office worker in Japan is sometimes not so easy. You have to spend a lot of time home alone as he will often be spending his evenings out with the boss and staff drinking and entertaining guests. You will also have to put up with him bringing the boss or manager home on occasion as his job will depend on it. The worst is that if the housewife is hot, then the boss or manager will be hitting on her all night. So today we have one of those situations. Rei has married her older brother’s friend from the office…

And she fell in love with him despite him being just an office worker. They are newly wed and they just bought a house. Her husband goes to work every day and comes home late. But something has been strange about him recently and she is not sure what it is. Her husband is about to be terminated at work and his boss has said that if he invited him over to his house to have a drink with him and his young wife, that could save his job. His boss let him know that after the drink that he would be plowing into his wife’s pussy. Well, he does not want to lose his job but he is not keen to let his boss fuck his wife either. We know what he decided to do as the video starts with the manager kissing his wife on his sofa. Rei must have felt guilty for not stopping the boss from sticking his cock in her as she goes to find her husband the next morning and seduces him to fuck her. Rei fucks him hard and lets him play with those enormous tits of hers and hopes that all is forgiven for the fucking she got from the boss the previous evening.

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