Lorena De Felipe In Carefree Mindset Playboy Plus (10)

Enjoy the early morning views of Tenerife, Spain, with newcomer Lorena De Felipe. Originally from The Canary Islands herself, Lorena’s love for her home shines through as the photographer Henrik Pfeifer captures her. “The weather and the beaches are magical,” she shares. “Some things I enjoy doing in my spare time are surfing and playing the guitar.” As she moves about her balcony, the island mindset is almost infectious. “What makes me, ‘me?’ My honesty and sincerity,” she shares of herself. You can find Lorena moving her body differently when she’s not modeling. “My passion? Dancing,” she smiles. “I really forget about [everything] — I just feel free.” Stick around for more from Lorena De Felipe, right here Playboy Plus!

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