Madeline Amour In Total Devotion Playboy Plus (40)

Newcomer Madeline Amour makes a memorable debut this Valentine’s Day. In Los Angeles, California, Madeline poses in red lingerie as the photographer, Cassandra Keyes, captures her. “I’m originally from San Luis Obispo, California,” says Madeline of her background. “It’s a small coastal t own. I love the smell of fresh air and the endless mountains more than anything else!” As for what makes her who she is, “I think I’m creative, nurturing, and compassionate,” she shares. “I follow my intuition above all else and have been blessed by following the path that makes me happy, as opposed to what others say I should do!” Madeline is always looking to get lost in her creativity, and modeling is a medium for just that. “I like immersing myself in any type of art,” she says. “I had such a good time shooting, especially since I had a female team [that] made me feel magical!” As for dating, Madeline looks for someone genuine. “Honest, passionate, caring. I think [these qualities] are all of equal importance,” she shares. “I find the willingness to be an individual sexy.” Stay tuned for more from Madeline Amour, right here on Playboy Plus.

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