Megan Blake In Crimson Heat Playboy Plus (24)

“What makes me, ‘me,’ is my heart and my desire for more empathy and love in this world,” says Playboy Muse, Megan Blake. On location in Mexico, shooting with the photographer Cassandra Keyes, Megan is thrilled to be returning to Playboy with another set of pictorials. “My experience with Playboy has been nothing short of liberating and empowering,” she says. “After every shoot, I feel like another layer of myself has been pulled back for me to discover and experience. I feel my feminine energy burning brighter than ever before, and [I] have an overwhelming desire to help other women discover that power within them too.” Posing on the set of a pool in bright red, Megan gives her all to our cameras. “Posing nude now feels like second nature to me,” she laughs. “I am empowered in my skin and love basking in the vulnerability of it all. I believe every woman should give it a try — whether it be for someone to see or just for themselves!” Learn more about the remarkable Megan Blake through her pictorials, right here, only on!

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