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Hello, my dears and darlings! I’m Laura Desiree. Welcome to another glorious week here at Naked News. Naturally, the coronavirus pandemic is still topping the world’s news cycle, but there are signs we might be taking a few baby steps towards normal. Isabella Rossini is in the Naked Newsroom with some good news from FRANCE.

Well, Laura, we HOPE it’s good news. I mean, we’re all excited about being able to get out and visit people, but we definitely don’t want a second wave of COVID-19 to set things back.

Absolutely not. One step forward and two steps back would be devastating. But governments also have to think about the economy, right?

They do! And France’s latest moves will, hopefully, do some good in terms of getting their economy back up and running. Here are the details! As of today, ALL cafes and restaurants across France will be allowed to open, albeit with social distancing rules in place. This includes those in Paris, the country’s hardest-hit region. France is ALSO opening its borders to visitors from certain countries, meaning they’ll be able to enter freely and not have to quarantine. Restrictions have also been lifted on visiting relatives in retirement homes, and many schools will reopen next week. Let’s hope everything goes smoothly!

As travel starts resuming, the US Department of Transportation has announced it will distribute nearly a hundred million face masks to passengers. It hopes the cloth masks will “boost public confidence” and, of course, help prevent the coronavirus from spreading in the close quarters of planes, trains, and buses. Over eighty-six million of the masks will go to airports, with the rest being sent to Amtrak and transit agencies, most of which are now REQUIRING people wear masks.

And Twitter has announced that it has deleted over a hundred and seventy THOUSAND disinformation accounts linked to the Chinese government! The accounts were spreading “deceptive narratives” about subjects including COVID-19, and Hong Kong protests in ways intended to be “favorable to the Communist Party of China”. Twitter has been trying to stop its platform from being used to disseminate government propaganda, and also deleted a number of accounts tied to Turkey and Russia. Don’t go away!

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