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I’m Tia Larose. Welcome to Naked News! The coronavirus pandemic has shut down a lot of businesses, and now many of them are starting to take steps towards reopening. But even leaving aside the science of whether it’s too early or not, are people ready to get back to normal? Shannon’s got a story that might make you wonder, right now in the Naked Newsroom.

We’re all sick of being at home… but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to congregate in public venues. In a recent study, respondents were asked if they’d rather see a new release as a digital rental or in a movie theater, if both were available today and cost the same. Prepare yourself: a full SEVENTY PERCENT said they’d stick to their couch, while only THIRTEEN percent said they’d go to the theater, with the rest being unsure. Guess people have figured out when you watch at home, you can be naked!

One place you can’t really be naked is Instagram, but it seems the platform is a big fan of SOME skin! According to an investigation by the group Algorithm Watch, Instagram prioritizes photos where the subjects are “scantily-clad”, which in turn shapes the behavior of content creators. In fact, in the newsfeeds that were observed, pics of women in underwear or bikinis were fifty-four percent more likely to appear! Okay, time to decide, Instagram: either be truly neutral or Free the Nipple already!

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the robot apocalypse, but here’s another example that it’s coming! The Boston Dynamics robot dog,”Spot”, is now officially on sale to the public. The company’s website explains that Spot is “designed for use in industrial or commercial applications by trained professionals” and “is not certified safe for in-home use”… but you just know these things are going to end up as rich people’s pets! And I say that because of the price tag Tia, the Spot Explorer kit is currently selling for around seventy-five THOUSAND dollars!

If I had 75 thousand to spare Shannon, I wouldn’t be buying no damn robot dog! We’ll check back with you later! Okay, so we’re obviously big fans of Kylie Jenner, and have covered many of her successes. Well, it looks like SOME of those successes may have been a bit exaggerated, and the allegations have caused quite a stir! Eila’s got the details of this swirling scandal for us, right now in Entertainment.

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