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Greetings, everyone, and welcome to Naked News! I’m Eila Adams…

And I’m Laura Desiree. Let’s get into it, Eila, in better times, you’re a world traveller, and you’re also someone who likes to party. Have you ever wondered what you’d do if you got arrested overseas? Well, I can think of a few places I’d NEVER want to get arrested in, China comes to mind, and Russia!

I’ve been to Russia and although I had a blast, it’s not a country you want to get in trouble in.

Here with a high profile example of WHY, is Shannon Blake in the Naked Newsroom.

American businessman and former Marine Paul Whelan has been sentenced by a Russian court to sixteen years in prison for spying! U.S. Ambassador John Sullivan quickly denounced the secret trial as a violation of human rights and a mockery of justice. According to Whelan’s lawyer, his client was in Russia for a friend’s wedding when he was handed a flash drive containing classified info he was unaware of. Whelan is also an Irish, British and Canadian citizen… so hopefully ALL those governments will exert some pressure on his behalf!

American pride is at a 21st-century low! Gallup has been polling on the subject since 2001, and in its recent survey found just 42 percent of adults in the U.S. saying they’re “extremely proud” to be American, with 21 percent saying they’re “very proud.” Those are BOTH new record lows! Also of note: for the first time, white Americans expressing “extreme pride” has dipped below fifty percent, and among nonwhites, it’s just 24 percent! Seems like it’s time for some change!

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has over five hundred Starlink satellites in orbit, and is now inviting the public to beta test its low orbit internet service, ahead of the launch. Prospective customers are asked to go to the Starlink website and provide email addresses and zip codes. Eligible users will receive a terminal that captures satellite signals. The beta is expected to launch later this summer or early fall and will have 800 satellites in all. If this means better wifi signals, no matter where you are, sign me up! I’ll be back with more headlines a little later.

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