The Life Erotic With Nessie In Plastic Fantasy # 2

Kinky Nessie Blue, a tattooed Czech with fiery scarlet hair, is playing with transparent plastic wrap. She winds it around her naked body to create a bustier top and miniskirt, teamed with strappy black patent spike heels. The wrap clings to her perfect breasts and ass but leaves her shaved pussy peeking out below. Then she holds a sheet against her face, smearing it with red lipstick…

Nessie rips holes over her erect pink nipples then starts to masturbate, rubbing her slit with manicured fingers. This is not enough to indulge her fetish, so she wraps a couple layers around her head, like a bondage mask. She claws at it with her long, sharp nails, to open a hole over her mouth.

Next, she turns her butt to the camera and fingers herself doggie-style. She rocks back against her hand, buns half-covered with the plastic and her tight asshole fully exposed. The wrap rustles as she plows her snatch with two fingers – she sighs with pleasure but still needs something more. Sitting on the floor, she peels off her mask, scrunches it into a ball, and rubs it against her crotch, building up friction fast.

As Nessie sucks on the plastic, tasting her cream off of it, she gets an idea. She binds two fingers together with fresh wrap, adds more layers for extra stiffness and girth, then lies back and frigs her fleshy-lipped pussy. Moaning, she squirms her body, humping against her hand – and the sensation of the wrap against her clit and inside of her soon takes her to the brink of orgasm.

She arches her back, bucking her ass clear of the floor as she pounds and grinds herself to an intense climax. Once she starts to cum, she can’t stop, grabbing her breasts and rubbing every last spasm from her clit. She flashes a blissful smile at the camera – then serves up one final cheeky treat as the movie ends.

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