Xconfessions By Erika Lust Sisters Of Pleasure

Length: 16 mins

Director: Perlita León

Performers: María Riot, Jane Jones, Bunnie Bennett, Miss Estigia

Photographer: Arden

Based on Sisters of Pleasure a confession by SorMa

Lifting the veil on a fantasy convent where pleasure is the purpose

How does a nun commit herself to celibacy? She has secret lesbian orgies with her fellow nuns, that’s how. Welcome to the XConfessions fantasy convent, a place of disinhibited sisterhood where female pleasure is the absolute purpose. When a new nun joins the convent, she struggles to commit her mind and her body to the act of celibacy but when she confides in her fellow sisters, she discovers a much more satisfying arrangement.

Say goodbye to strict and scary nuns, and say hello to the naughty nun you’re gonna wish existed in your life. Inspired by Italian horror films from the 70s, XConfessions Director Perlita Leon is back with another artistic, stylised, sexy, Spanish, erotic, lesbian movie of your dreams.

Erika’s comment

Things are not as they seem in the convent… The forbidden fruit always tastes extra sweet. Can someone please tell me where I sign up to be a naughty nun?

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